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Difference Analysis


PintPicker has developed a sophisticated difference analysis algorithm in order to identify which other beers have flavour attributes close to any beer of your choice.

This algorithm is the result of extensive research, testing and evaluation by real ale enthusiasts.  The algorithm compares the similarity of the numeric value of each attribute that you have scored for your beer with the value of that attribute for all the other beers in the PintPicker database.  It then weights this difference by multiplying it by a specific factor that has been set to reflect the importance given to a particular characteristic.
For instance, if we wish beers to be most similar in terms of their relative bitterness, but are less concerned about their citrus fruit tastes, the weighting factor for “Bitter” would be set to a higher value than that for “Citrus”.

We have set up default values of these weighting factors which we believe lead to the most effective comparisons and we will be adding more sets over time. The algorithm repeats this comparison process for each attribute and sums up each difference to evaluate an overall “difference score”.  Beers are then displayed in order of the magnitude of the “difference score”, with those with the lowest scores being indicated as being most similar to your chosen pint.

You’ll be impressed by how efficiently PintPicker finds the beers you like.

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