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Name Brewery Avg Score ABV Style Tasting Notes Discontinued
A Good Tern Archers 5.0 5.1 Bitter/Best Bitter Dark amber, clean and crisp, with orangey notes and a smooth finish.
A Good Try Pennine 4.0 Bitter/Best Bitter Dark reddish amber-coloured ale with a mellow bitterness followed by a smooth spicy aftertaste.
A Head in a Hat Beekeeper Florence 4.0 Fruit/Speciality Pale in colour and lightly hopped with pronounced honey flavours and aromas.
A Head in a Hat Camembeer Florence 4.1 Fruit/Speciality A beer that goes well with cheese made with some wheat and a complex hop bill to give a fruitiness reminiscent of the apples, figs and grapes of the cheeseboard.
A Head In A Hat Curmudgeonly Ale Florence 4.0 4.4 Fruit/Speciality Made with sour dough yeast.
A Head In a Hat D-Day Sword Florence 7.0 3.7 Golden/Blonde Ale As the 6th June 1944 was drawing to a close this Pale Ale was being mashed in. It has brewed once more to commemorate the 70th anniversary of D-Day.
A Head in a Hat Gin Florence 7.0 4.1 Golden/Blonde Ale A fruity, golden ale made with gin botanicals, citrus and juniper on the nose and slightly sweet with a light-blackcurrant hopping with Bramling Cross.
A Head in a Hat Titfer Florence 7.0 3.5 Bitter/Best Bitter A dinner ale from 1923. They were lowish gravity beers designed to be drunk around the domestic table during the family meal. This recipe comes from the original Camden Brewery.
A Head in a Hat Tommy Florence 6.0 4.2 Pale Ale/IPA An IPA from 1914.
A Head in a Hat Topper Florence 7.0 4.8 Porter/Stout An export India porter from 1805.
Records 11 - 20 of 878 : first pageFirst | previous pagePrev | next pageNext | last pageLast
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