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Name Brewery Avg Score ABV Style Tasting Notes Discontinued
Abbey Ale Abbeydale 7.0 5.5 Pale Ale/IPA Pale and hoppy, modern American-style IPA with a crisp, clean hop content with hints of lemon peel.
Absolution Abbeydale 6.0 5.3 Golden/Blonde Ale Straw-coloured beer with tropical fruit aromas, toffee-apple and banana flavours, sweetish but not cloying.
Alchemy Abbeydale 8.0 4.2 Pale Ale/IPA A full-flavoured pale and hoppy beer with lots of fruit, especially citrus and some spiciness from the Amarillo hops.
Arson Abbeydale 6.5 4.4 Golden/Blonde Ale Golden ale with fruity aromas and hints of biscuit and caramel complemented by a bitter orange finish.
Baby Black Mass Abbeydale 8.0 4.8 Porter/Stout Espresso stout with additions of freshly ground coffee and lactose for a full-bodied, bitter-sweet tipple.
Beer Works Dr Morton's Ancient Grease Abbeydale 7.0 4.4 Pale Ale/IPA A pale beer with a rounded full-bodied flavour. Grassy, herby aromas with spicy fruit flavours and hints of blackberry and melon. Dry finish with a long-lasting bitterness.
Beer Works Dr Morton's Ball Relief Abbeydale 4.3 4.0 Golden/Blonde Ale A pale beer made with a mix of hops, some often used in lagers, giving fruity, grassy flavours and a refreshing medium bitter finish. A World Cup 2010 special.
Beer Works Dr Morton's Clown Poison Abbeydale 8.0 4.4 Pale Ale/IPA Refreshing pale ale with subtle citrus and spicy notes from Gelina hops. A dry, bitter finish makes this a very balanced ale.
Beer Works Dr Morton's Corpse Nailer Abbeydale 7.0 4.1 Pale Ale/IPA Very pale, hoppy and dry with a citrus-hop finish.
Beer Works Dr Morton's Djinn Jar Abbeydale 6.0 4.2 Fruit/Speciality Pale ginger beer with strong ginger aromas and a gentle but distinctive ginger flavour leading to a well-balanced and slightly sweet finish.
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