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Name Brewery Avg Score ABV Style Tasting Notes Discontinued
Mutiny Rebellion 6.0 4.5 Bitter/Best Bitter A reddish, full-bodied premium ale, with a rich, malty flavour and a lasting, hoppy and bittersweet finish.
Mutiny Yorkshire Brewing Company 8.0 3.6 Porter/Stout Based on a 1750 London porter recipe, soft on the palate, providing a chocolate taste and subtle coffee aroma.
Mutiny of the Bounty Abstract Jungle 7.0 6.0 Mild Chocolate and coconut mild brewed in collaboration with Totally Brewed.
Mutiny on the Bounty Campervan 8.0 4.2 Porter/Stout Milk stout made with roasted coconut, with a rich chocolate and coffee infusion and a subtle vanilla flavour.
Mutley's Pit Stop Hereford 5.5 4.0 Fruit/Speciality Light and refreshing, using only local hops to produce a truly refreshing beer.
Mutley's Revenge Hereford 4.8 Bitter/Best Bitter Amber in colour, full-bodied beer with a citrus aftertaste.
Mutts Nutts Hereford 5.0 Old/Strong A dark, strong ale, full bodied with a hint of chocolate aftertaste.
Muzzle Loader Cannon Royall 4.2 Bitter/Best Bitter A fruity nose disguises the attack of hops that follow. A dry, bitter beer that leaves a lingering aftertaste.
Muzzleloader Musket 7.0 5.0 Old/Strong Kentish strong ale evoking the faint spicy aroma of well-seasoned, smoked cedar logs and orange.
Mwnci Nel Nant 5.5 Old/Strong A special dark winter ale, not excessively sweet, but dominated by burnt chocolatey flavours balanced with hops.
Records 1181 - 1190 of 1193 : first pageFirst | previous pagePrev | next pageNext | last pageLast
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