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Name Brewery Avg Score ABV Style Tasting Notes Discontinued
2008 Cains 7.0 5.0 Bitter/Best Bitter A full, clean and refreshing pale-coloured bitter with an abundance of citrus-hop character created by the blend of dry and late-hopping techniques. It also has subtle hints of malt and fruit on aroma and palate which give the beer a well-rounded balance.
Dark Mild Cains 8.0 3.2 Mild A smooth, full-flavoured, truly dark mild with a rich creamy head. It has a full body and distinctive roasted-malt taste, balanced by its fresh hop character. Complex flavours and aromas are achieved by blending deeply roasted malt and adding a blend of English hops, including dry hops, to the cask-conditioned beer.
Dragonheart Cains 6.0 5.0 Old/Strong Strong brown ale with a fruity and complex character brewed to a 19th century recipe.
FA Cains 5.0 Golden/Blonde Ale Pale-golden colour, but a surprisingly big, smooth flavour and strong punch. Brewed with English malts, and conditioned in cask with dry hops to produce fresh hop aromas and a fuller flavour.
Finest Bitter Cains 4.0 Bitter/Best Bitter A refreshing yet full-bodied bitter. The flavours of premium malt and Golding hops are unmistakable in this well-balanced, traditionally brewed bitter.
IPA Cains 3.5 Pale Ale/IPA A refreshing session beer, with a subtle hop aroma and a light, yet full flavour.
Liverbird Ale Cains 7.0 4.3 Golden/Blonde Ale A light, refreshing, golden ale with an abundance of citrus flavour, deriving its light citrus flavour through dry hopping with American Cascade and Liberty hops.
Raisin Beer Cains 6.0 5.0 Fruit/Speciality A rich amber ale infused with succulent California raisins.
Voyager Cains 7.0 4.4 Bitter/Best Bitter This light brown ale has citrus and floral aromas and a strong flavour with a delicate finish.
Records 1 - 9 of 9 :  First |  Prev |  Next |  Last
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